Our goal is to create projects which can lift the human spirit, stimulate the intellect and enhance physical well being.
Our ingenuity is generated from the harmonious coordination of our knowledge compiled by each of our design heritage.
The talent and vision of the experts working in and for Ates is fortifed by the experience gained in numerous domestic and off-country projects.
Ates offers the coordination of selected / necessary design and consultancy services for any construction project.
Our strength lies in creating durable, flexible and innovative as well as functional designs.

Wide Planet Resort - Candarli

Location : İzmir / Çandarlı
Area : 100000 m2
Date : 2007
Employer : Dromaco Holding ApS

Complete design services (in co-operation with 3XN and RAMBOLL)
Permit obtainment
Project management (in co-operation with RAMBOLL)